Forgive Me Leonard Peacock Analysis

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Abdulaziz Khan Prompt 1

The book “Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock” by Matthew Quick was quite the read. The main character, Leonard Peacock, seems a bit insane because already in the first chapter, he says, “Especially after I actually kill Asher Beal and off myself.” (Pg 5) Now that could be taken as a horrible joke, but he also has the P-83 handgun. He really means it. This whole book is a twenty-four hour setting, so this character develops rather quickly. Leo appears to be a teenager who just turned 18, and wants to kill this other guy, Asher. As the book continues along, we learn that our main character was actually raped by Asher. Leonard bought four presents for four people that were special to him, which in a way proves that he still has a heart. Without a doubt, what Asher did is completely
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He had every opportunity to get revenge, to stop the thing, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. Leonardo wasn’t a murderer. He was just a high schooler. But he still wants to commit suicide, and comes to pulling the trigger of the gun, but nothing happens. This teenager planned to take two lives, but deep down he only wanted himself to die. Leo can’t achieve either, which obviously upsets him. After calling Mr. Silverman, he waits and tries to kill himself again. “It sounds so stupid and pathetic and little-kid whiny that I push the P-38’s barrel into my temple again.” (Pg 90) Silverman manages to calm Leo down and takes him back to his house. Now if we compare him to who we read about in the beginning, he’s really changed. Leonardo was set on killing two people, and was determined to complete it no matter what. Then we come to the end. Although he was extremely close to committing a serious crime, he was a better man than before. He knew that suicide wasn’t the option, that he had a whole future in front of him. Life is like a person who wants to beat you up, succeeding many many times. But then we learn how to
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