Forgiveness By Nadia Boltz-Weber: Textual Analysis

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Forgiveness is a theological theme that resided with me while reading Nadia Boltz- Weber’s book, and I see it now more than ever in my past. Chapter 7 in the book shows how she forgives her friend Candace for relapsing and taking up her time, and how she also forgives herself for letting Candace’s friendship go so that Nadia could move on with her life in a positive way. There are three events in my life where I have forgiven others and myself for various things and these events have shaped me into the person I am today. The first of these events happened just after high school with my now ex-boyfriend Tyler. We were the epitome of high school sweethearts, we went to school dances and football games together, everyone knew us as a couple, we had the same part time jobs and we thought we were going to be together forever. Everything was going fine I realized I was unhappy and we broke up, or more so I broke up with him, and he did not take that well. As I moved on with life with a new job, starting school and meeting new people, I forgot to check up on how Tyler was doing. Being that he took us breaking up so poorly, I had no need to see him or hear from him, if…show more content…
I can assume by my actions so far that I will be more selective in my friend choices and that I try to not get too close to people. It hurt so badly losing her that I want to just keep my currant friends and not make any more for the time being. Looking back, I think God would want me to not have hate in my heart and he would also want me to be more grateful for the people that I have in my life. Having Kayla in my life caused me to have hate so God would want me to move forward with my life to try to rid myself of that hate. Not forgiving her would also cause me to have hate in my heart so God would want me to forgive her for what she has done. I will forever remember that I do not have to love someone in order to forgive

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