Forgiveness In Mary Johnson's Oshea Israel

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Have you ever forgiven someone who did something awful to you? If it is as bad as killing one of your family members, then you probably haven't and wouldn't. But someone that was kind enough to do that was Mary Johnson, who forgave her son’s killer, Oshea Israel by inviting him next door. Mary Johnson showed mercy because she forgave the man that killed her son, she didn't have to, and she could've just let him do to jail. Mary Johnson, who is 59, forgave her son’s killer which was such a great thing to do. Not only did she show mercy, but she showed that forgiveness makes the person you are forgiving feel better and that it makes you feel better too. Another thing she showed besides mercy is that forgiveness is really really important and that everyone can forgive.…show more content…
Johnson didn't have to forgive Oshea Israel but, but she did which is very kind of her. Mrs. Johnson’s actions were really nice and merciful. She lost her son that she loved so very very much and she knew the killer, but she forgave him anyways. The surprising thing is that she was so mad, but ended up forgiving the guy anyways. Keep in mind that she didn't really need to. Mrs. Johnson could have let the killer go to jail without forgiving him but since she was so forgiving that that wasn't something she did. She was kind enough to not make him go to jail. Oshea Israel still hasn't forgiven himself for what he did yet, but Mrs. Johnson has. Oshea Israel was sentenced to 25 and a half years. Oshea was 16 when he murdered Mrs. Johnson’s son. She does the impossible and forgives him and even invites him next
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