Forgiveness In The Prodigal Son

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Forgiveness is the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. (Hawkins, 1994, P. 206) My personal understanding of the parable ‘The Prodigal Son” is that it portrays the importance of reasoning and forgiveness. The main characters in the parable are two sons and a betrayed father. The father remains constant throughout the parable, although he has being betrayed by his younger son. His idiosyncrasy remains loving and understanding, even when his younger son returned home after many of been away with not a penny to his name. The young son showed disobedience to all the goodness his father had offered to him. The young son showed traits such as selfishness as well as being ungrateful. He had no worth for his father’s property nor did he want to work alongside his father on the family farm. He therefore left behind his father and older brother in search of a better life. With his sins and foolish actions, he faced the consequences of being disloyal and lost everything. It was not long before he was forced…show more content…
Once the son returns home his father greets him with open arms, all is forgotten, however, his older brother does not want to forgive him and does not join in the celebrations. The young son was over joyed to return home and become a servant for his father, but to his surprise he was welcomed back into the full privilege of being his father’s son. Holden &Pinsent (2011, P73). He had been transformed from a state of destitution to complete restoration. Holden &Pinsent (2011, P73). His father shows true signs of the Christian way. Still, the father, with great patience, goes to his older son who is not in favour of his younger brother’s return. He does not disapprove of his older son’s actions as he refuses to join the celebrations asked of him by his father, yet the father shows compassion and ceases as he listens to his son’s complaints and criticisms. Miller, 2010, P
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