Forgiving Our Fathers Poem Analysis

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Fathers and Sons
From little Kabul to the land of the free; America, fathers are fathers. They are either going to protect, love, and accept you for who you are or they are going to be distant and unadmirable fathers. Dick Lourie writer of the poem “forgiving our fathers” and Amir from “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini both have the distant and unadmirable father. Amir and Dick both show how critical a father is needed in a Childs life, whether it be a son or a daughter. When you get older your dad is the one who shows you how to provide and protect for your own family. In the end both pieces demonstrate that an insecure father with bad decisions and contradictions can alter the pathway, life, and own decisions of his son.
In stanza one
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Sometimes you’re just waiting for that one moment where he finally has words of praise waiting for you. However, things could be even worse by your father never speaking to you at all. Dick states that in stanza 5 saying “…or never speaking or never being silent”. If you never hear anything, you eventually give upon trying; when you give up, you become distant. Distance doesn’t always mean having a loved an ocean away from you. In Amir’s and Dick’s circumstances it is an emotional distance, not a physical one. Like the saying “we do crazy things for the ones we love”, people will do crazy things to fill the voids inside their hearts without even knowing it. It’s amazing how you can grasp who you want, but not what’s on the inside. To put an even deeper wedge between Amir’s and Baba’s relationship; their interests are worlds apart. Baba is described as this big six foot tall man, full of life and excitement, while Amir is not one bit manly in Baba’s eyes. Amir enjoys literature and poetry, things that aren’t usually considered manly. Baba believes that “real men didn’t write poetry and god forbid they should ever write it,” on page twenty. Its like Baba and Amir are opposite sides of a broken bridge with no pathway to connect them. This is why Amir wanted to win the kite race so badly, so his father can be proud and brag about his winner of a
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