Forgiving Our Fathers In The Kite Runner

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Fathers and Sons From little Kabul to the land of the free; America, fathers are fathers. They are either going to protect, love, and accept you for who you are or they are going to be distant and unadmirable fathers. Dick Lourie writer of the poem “forgiving our fathers” and Amir from “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini both have the distant and unadmirable father. Amir and Dick both show how critical a father is needed in a Childs life, whether it be a son or a daughter. When you get older your dad is the one who shows you how to provide and protect for your own family. In the end both pieces demonstrate that an insecure father with bad decisions and contradictions can alter the pathway, life, and own decisions of his son. In stanza one Dick writes “…he stole your money…” a father does not steal or take from his children he should supply them with the essentials of life. In my perspective this is not called a father, this is called a coward. Especially if your ‘golden rule’ is to never steal. In The Kite Runner Baba; Amir’s father says “there is no act more wretched than stealing “on page eighteen.…show more content…
Your parent is supposed to guide you and help you make good decisions through life. In “forgiving our fathers” stanza two Dick says “I was moved to actions I never before taken.” Now you’re the one saving, daddy not him saving you. Like Dick, Amir had to take to new actions too. Amir had to step up and save Sohrab, his newly found nephew. Another new action he had to take was to find “a way to end the cycle” on page two hundred twenty-seven. Amir is putting an end to all the lies he and Baba committed by righting them. To start Amir takes in Sohrab and treats him as his own son. The first time Amir stuffs money under a bed it was to frame Hassan and Ali, now it’s to help Farid and his family. In the midst of taking all these actions he was becoming more of a man, despite his
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