Forgotten Boy Poem

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The art of the forgotten boy

When you die, life will move on, the world will not stop for you, nothing will change.You will be forgotten. Death is not avoidable, after you die you are either remembered for being an incredible person that has made change in the world, or a norm.In Greek Mythology, there is an inventor named Daedalus who made wax wings to escape his punishment, his son Icarus, is considered a norm, when Icarus flew too close to the sun, the wax of his wings melted and he spiraled downwards and died. Three artistic point of views were narrowed down and connected into one theme.. The theme states the cycle of life and how everyone is forgotten with time, it is expressed with three different artistic views a painting by Breughel, and two poems written by separate authors, William Carlos Williams, and W.H. Auden.
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Auden's poem puts in an idea of suffering, and the cycle of life, and how people move on whether you like it or not. The poem starts off with suffering, “About suffering they were never wrong,” and also talks about the cycle of life when you move further down “That even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course”. W.H. Auden gave a different point of view of his idea on the painting, he seemed to focus on the little details that no one else has focused on, he also started off with suffering, and connected it to his description on Icarus’s fall, but like other poems he used the idea that people will move on, by adding other organisms into the topic, about how a dog moves on with his life just like the people do. W.H. Auden also talks about the ship that Icarus landed near, and how the ship moved on as well after watching him fall out of the sky which shows how irrelevant his fall was when it came down to his perspective. This poem is important because it gives you two different ideas from the first stanza to the second one, he starts off with suffering and ends up talking about Icarus, it also shows you the basic mindset of
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