Forgotten Fire Dehumanization Quotes

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In Adam Bagdasarian’s historical novel Forgotten Fire, the characters are deprived of their Human rights as they experience various examples of Dehumanization; stage of genocide. In chapter 7 of Forgotten Fire, Vahan, and his family are taken to a building called “Goryan’s inn” that is filthy and has a horrid smell due to the many bodies that were kept in the building. As Vahan and his family pray for water, Vahan hears a man in the back say, “Why don't they kill us now” (Bagdasarian 45). People would argue that this man has these thoughts of being murdered by the Turks due to dehumanization. Because they are kept in morbid places with extreme humidity and horrible stench, as a result of being Armenian they are given no water and little to no food. This…show more content…
Presently, he discovered Seranoush, who he grew to admire and is battling for her. It demonstrates how Vahan’s Universe of obligation expanded since he discovered somebody he thinks about and admires.The stage of Genocide-Dehumanization plays out in this quote by Turks treating the Armenians like peasants and in this quote it's appeared by the soldier assaulting Seranoush. The Turkish soldier raping Seranoush is a form of Dehumanization because they’re treating and seeing the Armenians like objects and less than human. No person is comfortable seeing himself or herself as the cause of another's pain, but in this context, the Turkish soldier doesn't see Seranoush as a person but more of an object. This was a very common way of Dehumanization in the Armenian genocide and in the war in general because the recipient was easily stripped away of their spirit and gave them P.T.S.D (Post-traumatic stress disorder), which emphasizes the perpetrator's power towards the recipient. In conclusion, the Armenians are denied of their Human rights as they experience the diverse methods of Dehumanization; stage of
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