Form Of Globalization: How's Globalization Form?

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- How’s globalization form Globalization is a term start from 1961 in the dictionary. From 1981 start to show out at the academic literature and start from 1990 commonly use in the society. According to Steger’s definition points out that globalization is a singular process, interdependent actions and operations, but it is not an event which will change the society. - What is globalization According to the Steger: “Globalization refers to a multidimensional set of social processes that create multiply, stretch and intensify worldwide social interdependencies and exchange while at the same time fostering in people a growing awareness of deepening connection between the local and the distant.” Steger has explained the globalization has influenced the social change as the social network was expended and the connection become a solider. Thus, the world become deterritorialization and with a strong interconnectedness. Globalization is a complex web of social processes that intensify and expand worldwide economic, cultural, political and technological exchange and connections. (Short and Kim, 1999). According to Short and Kim definition, the society is changing from a stable, traditional society to a heterogeneous modern society. Therefore, the economic, cultural and political are altering small scale of society to world scale which influence the society become more time-space compression that the level of stress is increasing and the world become apprehensive. Globalization is
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