Formal And Informal Letter Writing

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Letter Writing People write letters for many reasons: to tell someone something, to complain, to ask for information, or to apply something, likes a job. In this lesson, you presented with the language and layout of letters, basics of formal as well as informal letter.. At the end of the lesson, you are expected to: • write using the conventions of formal andl inform letter writing Letter Basics Language and Layout If you want that your letter achieve its purpose, it is important that you use appropriate language and layout. When you write, you have to write clearly, use use simple and specific words that your readers easily understand what you are saying about and organize it very well. Here, you can apply any of the methods of paragraph writing only to achieve a well-written letter. Formal Letters You write formal letters like business letters to people you do not know or to organizations or companies for business purposes. Below is a basic guide in your formal letter writing.  Form 1. Choose a font that is easy to read 2. 1 to 1 ½ inch left and rightmargins 3. 1 to 1 ½ inch topand bottom margins 4. Present information completely, concisely and professionally 5. Be consistent – block or modified block  Parts of a Business Letter 1. Heading – this part is where you put your address and the date of writing. 2. Inside Address – where you write the name, person’s title or office, the name of the company or institution, and the full
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