Formal Presentation Process Analysis

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Prepare for a formal presentation – Final Draft Presentation Skill, it is another important skill that everyone should have. If the content is good or a beautiful slide presentation, but if the presentation is not good enough or reading a script, the result may not good enough. However, the most important thing to do a presentation is to create a good impression with the audiences. And to create a good impression, people need to be well prepared so that they are not only successful, but the audiences will benefit from a presentation as well. So, how can people prepare themselves? There are four processes to help them can make a professional presentation and more successful, first of all, is to prepare the content for a whole presentation,…show more content…
After understanding a topic, people can find resources easier and correctly. Then, the speaker should understand the audiences as well, according to a website named, it suggested that studying an information of the audiences and knowing them well enough will be helpful for the speaker to present and convince the audiences if the speaker knows what the audiences believe and are interested in. After that searching for needed information, research or facts to support a topic and do not forget to write them in own words then give references as well. When finish gathering resources, the next is to write the script and it should be understandable to the audiences. The second process is to prepare needed tools in a presentation, such as a PowerPoint slide, a notebook or a video clip. When making a PowerPoint slide, people should make sure that to push every needed content and not too long sentences per one slide, so it may make the audiences be boring about a presentation. From what they said on a website named, another important thing is to figure out a point of the topic, so give it a brief overview, do not put all the content that was gathered. But try to use pictures to…show more content…
The important thing is to understand a topic and the audiences clearly, so people can create a good PowerPoint slide easier, then practice them with people who can give an advice to them, and finally is come before so people can check all equipment in a presentation room. Thus, it may difficult to make a good presentation, but if people try their best and do all these four processes in order, it can cause a successful

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