Teamwork: Two Types Of Team Work

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Teamwork is where a group of people work collaboratively together to achieve a specific goal. Teamwork helps people to interact with one another and also uses interpersonal skills as a source of productivity and synergy. Teamwork is an important tool for the completion of tasks within a business and also encourages colleagues to work together and form positive relationships. Teamwork also teaches individuals how to cope with constructive criticism and helps individuals to voice their opinion. When there is a difficult or complex problem, an organisation purposely arranges people in groups to work together to solve the problem more efficiently. There are two types of groups in a work environment; formal or informal.
Formal types of
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It has been shown that highly cohesive groups are more effective than less cohesive groups as they communicate more effectively. Team cohesion develops over time as each member uses their interpersonal skills to connect with one another. Cohesion creates a sense of commitment to the team goals which motivates members to put more effort into their work. Cohesion can also have negative consequences to the members in a team. Social pressure to conform can arise and individual expression can be diminished. For a group to be cohesive there needs to be high levels of communication. The size of the group can also affect the cohesiveness as large groups make it hard for people to feel like they belong. If group members feel accepted they are more likely to stick together, especially if a team experiences a threat from outside the group. Also group cohesiveness can be strengthened by the successfulness of the teams work.
Importance of Teamwork in Business
Teamwork is important as the completions of tasks are made easier with the combination of each individual’s skills, ideas and perspectives. More informed decisions are made and it is easier to solve problems
Organisations want their employees to be committed to their jobs, by creating work teams. Group membership can encourage commitment and also satisfy the individual needs off each employee.
Working on a project with other group members is a good way of improving skills and knowledge. Team members who differ in skills can share their knowledge and allow others to

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