Constructive Assessment

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It is with great consideration that learning outcomes of the students will not improve if the teacher does not have any experience about which methods of assessment should be used to evaluate the students learning. Indeed contextual, a well prepared and effective teacher should have a direct influence in enhancing student learning. Effective and fairness assessment are the most common effectual process that mandated the whole system of education and progressively focussing on the evaluation of student. As stated by Heywood (2000), “that assessment has a powerful influence on student learning. However, it is not so well understood that institutional structures and procedures have an equally profound influence on teaching and learning and the…show more content…
34) stated “the constructive alignment based on constructivism in learning and alignment in teaching where aims, objectives and assessment and teaching and learning activities align constructively” (p. 34). The most essential thing is whatever evaluation assignment we utilize it ought to be obviously adjusted to the learning result and showing and learning exercises Assessing the learner’s performances is a crucial tool in the teaching and learning process and must reliable with the objectives and what is taught and learnt such as assessments tasks, learning objectives, and instructional strategies. This paper will be a discussion based on, what is the most appropriate methods of assessment should be use to measure and evaluate student learning? “The research on formative assessment and feedback is reinterpreted to show how these processes can help students take control of their own learning, i.e. become self-regulated learners. A key argument is that students are already assessing their own work and generating their own feedback, and that higher education should build on this ability” (Nicol & Macfarland-Dick, 2006, p.…show more content…
Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick (2006) indicate that “formative assessment can promote the development of capacities and attitudes used in lifelong learning. Assessment-centred or student-centred learning environments also emphasize congruence between learning goals and what is assessed”. Formative assessment is going on all an ideal opportunity to give feedback on what understudies are figuring out how to distinguish accomplishment and areas for further work. Additionally, for the educator or teachers to evaluate effectiveness of instructing or teaching and provide a feed forward or to centre feasible arrangements. “Good feedback practice is not only about providing accessible and usable information that helps students improve their learning, but it is also about providing good information to teachers” (Nicol and Macfarlane, 2006, p. 214). Quality assessment and effective feedback have a strong impact in systemizing educational governance. In the same way, it can enable all learners to enhance their learning or leads to increase learning and teachers in their teaching. Some research evidence such as Nicol and Macfarlane –Dick (2006)
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