Student Assessment Essay

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According to pillar 9 of peoples charter “Making Fiji a Knowledge-based Society” includes every individual to have access to quality education. Each child in Fiji primary school is included in learning process regardless of their gender, race, disabilities and ethnicity. As a result assessment is a great way to include all students in teaching and learning enhancement. Student assessment is one of the key issues in education. Psychologist “Lev Vygotsky” believed that the children learn through play and interacting with their own environment and peers. As a teacher it is very important to understand that assessment as a word is construction. There are certain a crucial step that needs to be followed in order attain student achievements. Mainly…show more content…
Students become self-reflected learners; they take responsibility for their own learning. The key to assessment as learning enables students to develop the capacity to monitor their own work in progress which the teachers support through encouragement and monitoring.( Dear Hammond, L. (2012) Based on curriculum expectations and the achievement charts, the students are taught to use rubrics, samples and models as a good practice. In addition, formative assessment is a procedure utilized by instructors and students amid guideline that gives unequivocal input to alter progressing educating and figuring out how to enhance students ' accomplishment of planned instructional outcomes. Formative evaluation is a technique for persistently assessing students ' scholastic needs and advancement inside the classroom and goes before nearby benchmark appraisals and state-commanded summative assessments. Educators who take part in developmental assessments give consistent, express criticism to students and help them in noting the accompanying inquiries such as Where am I going?, Where am I now? By what means would I be able to close the crevice between the two? Keeping in mind the end goal to demonstrate to students best practices to close the crevice between where they are scholastically and where they…show more content…
This more extensive photo of the child 's advancement and fulfilment can, thus, be utilized to distinguish learning exercises figured to propel the child 's understanding and capacity in the region concerned. At the point when, toward the end of a more drawn out time of learning, portfolios, work tests and activities are utilized for evaluation purposes, the data picked up from them will be educated both by the educator 's perception of the child, and the distinctive undertakings, tests and exercises with which the child has drawn in amid the period being referred to. (Stiggins, R. (2005) The data got about the youngster 's advancement utilizing these methods of evaluation can be utilized to arrange future learning encounters outlined particularly to address the stage of learning and improvement the child has accomplished. A pivotal component in utilizing evaluation for learning is the degree to which the child is effectively included in the learning procedure. It is vital that the child comprehends the reasons for his or her learning and the utilization of appraisal to backing that learning. The utilization of good addressing and quality criticism is crucial to empowering the kid to create compelling procedures
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