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Part B Analysis of a formative assessment instrument Written assessment for students of grade 3 on Animals Overview of the assessment instrument The assessment analyzed in this part of the assignment is formative. It is a written assessment given to students of grade 3 (21 students) at the end of the unit as formative assessment with the purpose of understanding students’ knowledge of the subject science on the topic’ Animals’ and adjusting necessary changes to future teaching if students are not up to the expected standard. This assessment is subjected to observe the following behavior from the students as learning targets. • Recognition of reptiles, mammals, amphibians and birds. • Recalling of vertebrates and invertebrates. • Recognition…show more content…
Then, these responses will be compared with the expected responses from the teacher and feedback will be given to students in general in the presence of parents. The feedback, mostly focuses on the area for improvements, learning strategies for students and the average of the students. The fully achieved percentage and the number of students who achieved fully are compared with the previous assessments thereby sharing it with parents. The assessment is designed such a way that it could be cut into two pages. After the feedback, teacher distributes the papers and parents will attach it in student’s exercise book before they come to school on the following day. The teacher also records the result in a specific document file provided by the grade coordinators. This class test is designed with the following types of question. • Short Answer • Draw and Naming • Long Answer • Matching Analysis of the assessment instrument To analyze this assessment, it is important to identify what opportunities are provided for the students to manipulate their cognitive process at divergent levels. Moreover, how much emphasis is made on to have balance is also a key aspect of this canalization. Therefore, the table is created by including necessary information available from the assessment for the canalization. FI: Fill in the Blanks DN: Draw and Naming LA: Long Answer M: Matching Question Number Topic Marks Percentage Cognitive Level Remember Understand Apply Analyze Evaluate

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