Methods Of Assessment

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In this assignment I will be discussing the methods of assessment. There will be analysis of what methods teachers have and how the types of methods impact and support the learners in their education and learning experience. According to Gardner (2012) the most vital aspect within education is assessment. There are four key areas of assessment. These areas contrast and are intended to assess a learner’s knowledge and understanding.
One type of assessment is called formative assessment. This is used as a method of learning to review what the learner has done and what work they have produced. Irons (2008) believe formative assessment provides the opportunity to students to showcase attain the level of learning they have gained. Irons (2008)
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This type of assessment is good for learners because they work together for peer assessing and then reflect critically on themselves for self-assessment. Both ways of assessment is good because it allows the chance for learners to think about their strength and weaknesses. Peer assessment is good because learners can share their views with each other and share ideas. Learners will have different angles or thoughts about a particular task or activity. The main disadvantage of peer assessment is some learners may not want to provide or express their view or feedback because they may not want to upset or cause any offense to their peer’s…show more content…
The advantage of the range of methods allows me to consider and think about all my learners. For students who find the exam setting difficult, these assessments are very useful to them and effective. Many of my learners prefer the method of being allowed to have a set amount of days to complete an assessment. This allows them to think in detail and expand their opinions. They do not find the setting and situation of being in an exam as a good way of assessment. The pressure of exams, the intensity and the time limit is something they find difficult to deal with. Formative assessment provides the learners the chance of doing their work and display sufficient learning in order to attain good grades. For the assessment methods, the learners have to use computers to complete them. My learners have to complete reports, presentations, essays, leaflets or posters. All of the learners know how to use the computers and the Microsoft
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