Forms Of Pollution

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Pollution is an issue which comes in many forms and affects virtually everyone. Pollution exists everywhere, in various quantities, depending on the severity. There are four major types of pollution: land, water, air, and light pollution. Each type of pollution has its own effects on the environment: land pollution affects most people and animals which live in or near it; water pollution has a greater effect towards animals due to the precautions humans take to ensure safe drinking water; air pollution affects almost all parts of the environment through climate change as well as causing sickness and death; light pollution’s effects are minimal when compared to the other types of pollution, but they still can be quite dangerous to one’s health and mental stability. Pollution can come in many forms and has many causes, all of which are harmful to the environment and many of the people who live in it.
The World Health Organization reported that roughly 7 million people died from air pollution alone in 2012 ("7 Million”), and, according to Yale University, it is the leading environmental threat to public health (“Air Quality”). Air pollution is caused when particles not normally found in air are added to it (Bradford). This includes pollutants such as carbon dioxide from car emissions, as well as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other noxious gases which are created from various industrial processes ("Pollution"). The average person is likely to contract many illnesses

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