Sense Of Entitlement And Racism Analysis

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There are many things that are wrong with the American society today. There are stupid things like doing various challenges, to making up some type of movement that doesn’t even make sense. Those are things that makes today’s society look bad. Some things that have been going on for a while now are racism and the sense of entitlement of Americans. Sense of entitlement and racism are things that are impacting this country in a negative way. In America there are many forms of racism. Racism has been going on for a long time, it started in about the seventeenth century and is still around today. There are different from’s of racism. One type of racism is racism by skin color. This type of racism is the most common in America. The most basic…show more content…
This type of racism is discriminating against people who have some type of physical or psychological disability. Disability racism is the discrimination and social prejudice against people with a disability. In an article from CNN David M. Perry states “Garner 's case is not the first to suffer from these deadly intersections -- the language we 've heard echoes numerous other cases in which police and their defenders blame disability for the results of police violence”(Perry 2014). He is saying that police and their defenders are blaming the disability for the cause of death rather than what actually happened to the person with the…show more content…
But now it means to have electronic appliances, air conditioning and things like that. A study today showed that ninety nine percent of all Americans have at least one refrigerator, about ninety eight percent have at least one TV, about eighty eight percent have a microwave, and about eighty four percent have air conditioning. All of those household appliances aren’t rights to have, they are just wants, people really don’t need a TV. In the article the author talks about how we have one of the “highest qualities of life in the world” she also says “These examples depict how our standards influence our lives in the long-run”(Beaton 2016). She is basically saying that all of the things that we may seem entitled to have will just make things worse for our lives and our children’s lives in the long-run.

Racism and self entitlement effect the United States in various ways. Racism will always be everywhere no matter where someone is at. It is still effecting and will continue to effect this country in a negative way for a very long time. Self entitlement isn’t such a bad thing but it is at the same time, and what I mean by that is people deserve certain things to an extent. If people think that they deserve everything that they want that is where it will effect people around them and other generations to come which will inevitably affect the country in a very negative
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