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Formula G:Zero When Gravity Falls Format: full-length feature film 3D stereoscopic Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Racing Target audience: 6+. Comparable: Tron: Legacy, Star Wars Episode I. Production cost: $8 000 000 Run time: 110 minutes Universe 2052 year. The anti-gravity engine inventions made an impact and changed the world as we know it. Step by step people began to drive new hi-tech cars floating in the air almost silently and moving at unprecedented speed. The new kind of car races emerges — so-called G:ZERO races. This new super speed floating race throws any other sports in the shades. Every kid wants to become a racer or just feel this rush keeping eyes on champions' fate. Synopsis 18 years old Jena is very interested in races. She works at the repairing shop for old wheeled cars along with her…show more content…
He is typical middle class guy with good loving parents whom decided all about his future several steps ahead. But Martin declined this future and became a racer in spite for his parents. He hasn't been in contact with them since. He became a good racer and he's got to the previous season's champion Dick Solist's team. Now Martin is taking part in the world’s most important race in a potential champions‘ team but he's got no family to share his joy. Martin tries hard not to think about it and on rare occasion he writes short mails to his parents to tell them that he is all right. DICK SOLIST [25 year old] The main anti-hero. Dick is arrogant and selfish young man but it doesn't interfere with him being a very talented racer. Douglas Walenn has found him on the streets and made a G:ZERO superstar out of him. But young superhero has a weak heart. He became full of himself very quickly and decided that he can do everything on his own. Fame and huge amount of money get under his skin and Dick fell into the mundane pleasure depth, forget about his old friends and mentors, open up all hidden flawy. SAM HIDES [30 years
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