Formula One Grand Prix

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Formula One Grand Prix (Grand Prix Formula One abbreviation: F1) Grand Prix is the world's fastest, most expensive, highest technology race, Formula One motor race is the highest level of competition. Racing for the first time in the world to hold the racing field is 1900 in Melun, France. Modern Formula One World Championship was in 1950 at Silverstone racing circuit in the UK beginning, and now hold 18 games a year, in 2004 Shanghai China participated in by the International Automobile Federation arrangements race.
Its initial defined as "an at least four out of line with the vehicle wheels, wherein at least two wheels for steering, wheels for driving at least two." More specific definition refers to the cylinder volume 3.5 liters, about
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The value of such a car more than seven million U.S. dollars, or even less than the value of an small aircraft. F1 car race, racing is not only courage, competitive driving skills and wisdom, also carried in the back of science and technology competition between the major car companies. Ford Motor Company on the image of the car contest as a "high-tech Olympics." Introduced in the new racing car competition, from design to manufacturing are embodied developer of numerous efforts, and represents the latest high-tech company and the level of a country. Car Contest or the quality of national science and technology talent contest. It is reported that more than 2,000 professionals in Germany about the car directly engaged in the design, manufacturing and research work, the United States, about 1 million people; while Japan is the largest, estimated at nearly 2 million people.
All participants F1 race drivers, are to undergo picked and chose the world of motor racing's elite. Among the top riders in every F1 race must go through a number of levels of selection, such as small racing, Formula Three (F3) race, etc., called a five-off, killing six, and to become the world's champion, but not easy. He must be experienced and set racing technology, talent and fighting spirit in
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Some of the election in the highlands, where the air is thin, for physical fitness test driver; others are strung street track, there is relatively narrow, winding road, the driver will fix the crash; others Speedway becomes wide road, but there are also a test rider on the downhill techniques; there's Motor Speedway was built in trees, lush forest, where a large runway and downs, difficult to control the car drivers. Due to frequent car accidents, FISA requires that all host countries Speedway must have enough grass buffer. Each stadium ambulance personnel must also be distributed in every corner of the audience, for the moment the accident, ran to the scene,

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