Forrest Forrest Character Analysis

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Forrest is also a sympathetic man, especially when he became a father. He notices his disability and is aware of his own limitations, he knew that his son would be much smarter than he does, but he still tries his best to support his son, such as trying his best to read story books (e.g. Curious George) to his son. American people at that time are often prejudiced, especially at the race perspective. However, Forrest is not prejudiced and judgment, he sees people regardless of their gender, race, age, and religion. This is demonstrated in the movie through his relationship with Jenny, he always accepts her for whom she is, he sees past the predicaments Jenny is in, for example when Jenny was singing in a club naked. Similarly, even after Lieutenant…show more content…
It is only when we have such simplicity, then we can see the pretty things in life and feel free to do chase our dream and do things we want simply because we want to. For Forrest, at the time where he became rich from his shrimping business, he could have focus and work hard on earning even more money, but instead he left his shrimping business to Lieutenant Dan and go to cut grass without needing to get pay simply because he enjoy doing it, bringing himself self-satisfaction. Forrest’s simplicity in a way made his life easier, when we are all analyzing the pros and cons of an action, Forrest just gets on with it, with merely any hesitation, for example, Forrest’s great run across…show more content…
Jenny Curran is the main female character in the movie Forrest Gump. She is the best friend and later become the wife of Forrest Gump. Jenny was raised by her father who abuses her, as her mother died when Jenny was 5, grown up in a broken family. Jenny once told Forrest that she wants to become famous, become the girls that go on magazines, which later she did successfully goes on Playboy magazine, but with almost naked photos. Similarly, Jenny’s dream of being a singer also came true but was to sing naked in a strip club. These in a way shows that with the American Dream, everyone’s dream can come true and there are lots of opportunities although in this case the dream comes true in a different way of how we imagined it should be, but nevertheless it is a dream come true for Jenny. Later in the movie, Jenny became a hippie and traveled around to play music, which was something she wants and was a way for her to find the meaning of her life after she experienced her all time low situations. The American Dream allows her to travel around freely to chase her dream and provides her various

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