Forrest Gump Short Biography

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Forrest Gump is a man with a relatively low IQ of 75 (below average). He was born with strong legs but unfortunately with a crooked spine that was forced him to wear leg braces that gives people the reason for teasing and bullying him. He lived with his mother throughout his life. His father was absent in their lives and his mother keep on explaining that his father was "on vacation” whenever Forrest would asks. While Forrest Gump is waiting for a bus, he tells story about his life to strangers from time to time. He started it when he met Jenny in his first day of school who offers him a seat until they became close friends. He also described their relationship as peas and carrots. One day, there was a group of bullies throwing rocks at Forrest. Jenny told him to run away and he did. While he was running, his leg braces broke into pieces which made him run even faster. By then, he would never wear his leg braces anymore. Jenny and Forrest remained close friends until high school and they remained a target of bullies. One day, while running away from bullies, he ran across the field and reached the local high school's football practice. He ran faster than all the players and the coach of the football team was impressed. Later on, he received a football scholarship in…show more content…
They became close friends. Bubba told Forrest that his family has a history of cooking shrimp and after getting out of the army, he is planning to buy his own shrimping boat. He also told Forrest to have a shrimping business together after they finished army. While in Vietnam, Bubba and Forrest met their platoon leader, Lieutenant Dan Taylor. During Vietnam war, many soldiers were wounded and killed including Bubba. Forrest found Lieutenant Dan and carried him right away to safety. After the war, Forrest received a Medal of Honor for his bravery in Vietnam, awarded by President Lyndon
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