Forrest Gump Book Vs Movie

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Forrest Gump was hit by some boys when he was young Forrest Gump run very fast was famous Forrest Gump running between the dead and the living was brave Forrest Gump was gave the medal by the President The book was writing Bubba who broke his foot in football practice couldn 't play in the game although the film Bubba never playing football is a very strong his legs The book was writing Forrest Gump was told to take the harmonica by Bubba in contrast the film Forrest Gump was told about Shrimp, and his home bu Bubba The book was writing Forrest Gump Who couldn 't stay at the university wasn 't clever enough at the lessons on the contrary the film when Forrest Gump graduated from college, his mother was very proud The book was writing
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