Forrest Gump Character Analysis

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Forrest Gump is man like you and I, except for the fact that his IQ is only 75. He still wants to do good, and he only gets through his childhood with Jenny, his only friend. His Mother teaches him that he is no different from anyone else, but still lets him be free to choose his life. He ends up being able to go to College, only because he can run fast and win the Football games. He even wins the national championships and gets to meet the President. At his graduation Forrest gets offered to join the Army, which he does. In the Army Forrest meets Bubba who becomes his new friend in Vietnam. After the war Forrest earns the medal of honor and meets the President again (although this time a different one). Dan, his commanding officer who Forrest…show more content…
A quote Forrest uses in the movie “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you 're gonna get.” perfectly sums up Forrest to me, I think that the quote means life can through all sorts of things at you that you might not expect. Just like a box of chocolates has lots of different chocolates and you don’t know what chocolate you will get. Forrest has a lot of things thrown at him, he has a mental disability, he had problems with his spine when he was younger, his father died and he never had a friend apart from Jenny, but Forrest still gets through life and does all these amazing…show more content…
Even if it might be being not that smart, physical problems or being a social outcast, or even all three together like Forrest you can still do great things, sure you probably won’t do everything Forrest did, but if you really try and you set your mind to it, you very well can do everything Forrest did and more. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” sums this up in my opinion. Even though life throws things at you that you might not expect as the quote says, you can still get through things, just like Forrest

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