Forrest Gump Film Analysis

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To what extent do Hollywood films reflect social and cultural behavior of America? Outline: History of Hollywood film industry: 1917—1960: the development of Hollywood film industry and characterized most styles to this day: biography, fiction, action, horror, animated, comedy, etc. After the World War One, the America experienced a cultural boom which resulting different forms of culture appears. In order to make films appeal to the audience, various cultural elements were introduced into the production of films. Sample Film: The Jazz Singer (1927) This is the first dialogue feature motion picture which symbolized the conversion from silent era to sound movies. It talks about a classic principle that after one seeks for success…show more content…
This film tells the story of several decades in Gump’s life. Gump is a slow-witted boy and he always be bullied by other children. The only thing his friend Jenny tell him is to “run”. Under many coincidence, his “run” changes his life: Gump is given admission to the university and becomes football star. After that, he are invited to meet President Kennedy. Attending Vietnam war, getting to known many American celebrities, becoming successful entrepreneur and etc. At first, audience’s impression for Gump is that he is slow-witted, while his rest of life can be more splendid than other people. The reason for it is Gump is a kind, simple person. What he did were all for others which can be called altruistic and this behavior has nothing to do with his intelligence. Human nature, again, shows American spirit in this film. By using the story of splendid life of a slow-witted person, the comparison strongly reflects another cultural value and social principle: everyone has chance to alter his or her life whatever how bad his or her background is. This can be also called democracy. Gump, as a nobody in this complex society, finally challenges all the impossible situations and always keep his goodness , which aims to makes audience know more about the American culture: everyone who wants to be successful can fulfill their dreams through such efforts and goodness. Meanwhile, this way also shows them America is the place advocates for liberalism and
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