Forrest Gump Hero Essay

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Hero. What do you think of? Capes? Spandex? A super fit extraterrestrial human/alien spawn? It’s just one word, but it carries millions of different meanings to people around the world. Answers vary greatly, yet humility is a trait that can describe all heroes, whether superhuman or not. In the famous award winning film Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis, the main character (Forrest Gump) displays many traits, humility being a huge part of his hero-like personality. His low IQ gives him the rare ability to a childlike view on life, and this leads him to have a huge influence on many people’s lives unknowingly. Mr. Gump could be compared with public figure, Mother Teresa, who also had very valiant traits, and never looked to be recognized for her good deeds. She also impacted many lives, and showed humility just like Forrest. A everyday hero to me that…show more content…
Born in 1910, Mother Teresa was a Catholic. From the get-go, Teresa knew she wanted to help the less fortunate. Working in India as a teacher in the slums, Mother Teresa soon felt a calling to care for the weak and poor. She travelled and toiled endlessly without recognition, and did not expect reward for her job. Showing humility, Agnes travelled to Calcutta to care for people who were outcasts, sick, dying, and shunned. Setting up a medical facility, Agnes made sure that no one was left out or uncared for. Spending all her time working her back off to support the needs of others, there was never a moment when Agnes regretted what she chose to do in life. Her work was only recognized many months years, where she was then given the title of “Mother of Calcutta”. Even after being acknowledged, Mother Teresa never stopped caring for others, and she never let the fame cloud her mind. This just goes to show how Agnes Teresa showed great humility through her work with
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