Forrest Gump Sociology Analysis

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Forrest Gump takes place in modern history of the United States, emphasizing race relations between blacks and whites, disability and southern culture. Beginning in the south during the 1950’s, the movie highlights segregation, and ends with the way African-Americans are portrayed today. Forrest Gump begins with the main character sitting at a bus stop, and it isn’t until Forrest speaks that the audience realizes he has a disability. Throughout the movie Forrest is portrayed as a simple, white southern male from Alabama who has a below average intelligence. The movie takes places during a significant era between the 1950 's and 1980’s, and recalls different events of Forrest’s life, underlining how he surpasses the expectations society had for him. Forrest gets accepted into the University of Alabama on a football scholarship, saves his platoon from an ambush during the Vietnam War, and runs across the country over three and a half years. Forrest Gump was born with a lower than average IQ and a spine condition that impaired his ability to walk. In a small town of Greenbow, Forrest did not fit the social norm. Social norms are defined as informal laws that govern society’s behaviors. Due to Forrest’s differences, he did not fit into the norms of his small town community. Growing up he was labeled as an outcast, was picked on for having leg braces, being mentally slower and was often made fun of by other children. Due to his disabilities Forrest becomes a victim of academic

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