Short Essay On Forrest Gump

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The movie Forrest Gump released 30 September 1994, Forrest Gump is a drama/comedy film. The movie Forrest Gump is directed by Robert Zemeckis. Main actors is Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Sally Field, Haley Joel Osment and Gary Sinise.

Short Summary

The film start of Forrest sitting on a bench talking his life story to people that takes a seat at a bus stop. When Forrest was a kid he had problems with his legs and he needed some support made out of metal so he could walk. He wasn’t the cool guy, he only had one friend and that was a girl called Jenny. They walked home together everyday after school, one day the bullies came and threw rocks at him Forrest and he started to run and he ran the metal support off his legs.

When Forrest
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Mars 1955 (62 years) and he got nominated to an Oscar because of his role as Lieutenant Dan.


When the movie started it was a feather that flew in the sky and flew down to Forrest and landed between some pages in his book. At the end of the movie, Forrest sits down at the bus stop with his son and shows the son his old book. When Forrest opens it the feather flew away up into the sky.

The music they used in at the start of the movie gives you that 1990 feeling, the old music. At the start of the movie when the feather flew down to Forrest, a music called I'm forrest Forrest Gump written by Alan Silvestri started playing. Once you have seen the start of the movie and heard the song, you will always think of the movie Forrest Gump. It’s such a memorable song.

Under the vietnam war when they sent bombs into the forest, The last big bomb, when that exploded a huge cloud of dirt, smoke and flames was an effect. All of the bombs was an effect.

The ping pong ball was an effect because no one can play like Forrest did in the movie. When Forrest stopped the ball they had to switch scene to his upper body so he could take a real ball into his hand.
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