Forrest Gump Film Review

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I got some feelings after I watched <> and I am going to tell you gays what I got in the article. Also, there are lots of history events happened in the film. I will talk about these events on my article. I will talk about the plots of the file as well.


A fool called Forrest Gump that come from South Alabama, a lifetime love with a woman called Jenny. When they were young, Gump and Jenny were good friends, they studied together, grow up together. Finally, though far apart from each other but Gump has always been in love with Jenny, whatever she does, whoever she is, no matter she became old or ugly, no matter her body in where, Gump always in home, day and night miss his girl, day and night waiting for Jenny's return. This is the first
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This is the portrayal of Jenny's life. She is like a bird flying in the sky. Jenny left me the most impressive song out of the bar out of a truck to exit, and boarded his boyfriend's bus to leave, in the fall of Gump to take a taxi to leave. She has been chasing the life she wants, has been flying and has been in the escape. The image of Gump has overturned the image of the hero in the normal world, contrary to the traditional concept, it has potent anti traditional and anti mainstream. Forrest Gump experience so many "smart people" dwarfs, I want to director is to think through the Forrest Gump image to create ironic to society, reflect the social status qua, such as the alienation and degeneration of expose the dead take this to draw attention of society and it is the fate of future. Interesting is that there is a group of Forrest Gump total trailing behind, their life can not find the answer, blindly follow Forrest Gump, can say, this is a reality of the American society at that time, people are disappointed by reality, can not find survival of the power and significance, had no hope of the fate of the sustenance in others. And Gump is always optimistic attitude to face the reality, the courage to run down, this cannot be said to be a delightful irony. There are some historical events happened in the film. 3K Ku (Klux Klan KKK) is part of the earliest terrorist organizations in the United…show more content…
The White racist is fiercely opposed to the decision. In September 2nd, the state Governor Forbes to "riot" in the name of sending out of the National Guard to stop black students to school, but did not succeed. The 23 day, in the Governor's indulgence, thousands of racist surrounded by schools, beaten black reporters, and the 8 school students to get rid of the black. Then several southern states had an attack on black people. Little Rock event shocked the whole world, the Eisenhower Administration forced the 24th sent paratroopers, more than 2000 people rushed to the little rock, "protection" of the back entrance. Under the intervention of the government, local authorities declared the abolition of the apartheid system in public schools in 1959. The Vietnam War was the longest war in the twentieth century. From the mid 1940s to the late 1970s, in nearly 30 years of time, Vietnam patriotic armed with crude weapons has defeated the two powerful capitalist industry country, France and the United States, not only created a miracle in the history of war, and to its former vassal subsequent national sacrifice spirit demonstrates the war in the history of the
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