Examples Of Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men

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Authors really use foreshadowing like movies do. You know from the mood or music in the movie that something bad is about to happen. It 's the same way with Steinbeck. Events are really foreshadowed in Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck to where you kind of see in between the lines till the end of the novel. Just think how a story would be without foreshadowing in it. Two men George and Lennie are two guys who go to a little farm to find work, so they can have the American dream. Lennie though keeps getting in trouble and ends up doing more (kills Curley 's wife) which is a character in the novel. So, he heads to the place George told him to go if he even got into trouble. George met him there that night after he killed Curley 's wife and he took…show more content…
We see the first time being when Carlson 's Lugard was gone, and George had it. " We gonna get a little place; George began. He reached Into his side pocket and brought out Carlson 's Lugar; he snapped off the safety, and the hand and gun lay on the ground behind Lennie 's back, ' '(Steinbeck 105.) In the novel, we see Carlson thinking Lennie stole his gun and ran off after killing Curly 's wife, but in the last chapter you see it was actually George. AS a reader, you know Lennie had no gun he just ran away like a scared kid. George stole it because he knew If he didn’t Curley would. He just wanted the best for Lennie and he felt him, killing him in a simple way that he wouldn 't see coming would be the best way to kill him. Another example of his death being foreshowed is Curly hated Lennie and after finding his wife his anger and hatred just grew. "Curly came suddenly to life, ' 'I know who done it, ' ' he cried, ' ' That big [guy], don it. ' ' I know he done it. Why-ever ' body else was out there playin ' horseshoes, ' ' he work himself into a fury. Im gonna get him. ' ' (Steinbeck 96.) Curly was gonna find every reason to hurt and then kill him. Curly even hated him the first time they met. So George had to kill Lennie in a more humane way before Curly got to him. You can see this foreshadowed throughout the novel, because Curly always hated Lennie. So Lennie 's death
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