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Fort Belknap This military fort is in Newcastle 130 miles west of Dallas/Fort Worth. During the territorial annexation of Texas this fort protected settlers against the local Comanche and Kiowa Indian tribes who were raiding the land. There is a mini museum about the fort with original buildings, cannons, and guns. Now, it 's a historical landmark and state park with a cemetery and graves for the people who died. Also, the Texas Ranger used this fort to fight their battles. Fort Concho This fort is in San Angelo 90 miles south of Abilene built in 1857. During the Spanish-American War this was where infamous Buffalo soldiers were stationed. Originally the fort prevented raids from the Comanche Indian tribes. Now, it 's a national…show more content…
Fanthorp Inn This was a hotel for people who rode stagecoaches across the desert and stopped here to rest. Now, it 's a historic museum inside a park with replicas of stagecoaches from that era. The museum is in Anderson, TX about 80 miles northwest of Houston. Monument Hill This is a tall monument burial ground for the men who died during the Dawson massacre between Texas militiamen and Mexican soldiers. It 's in La Grange texas between Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Lyndon B Johnson State Park & Historic Site This historic state park is in Johnson City/Stonewall, TX and pays honor to president Lyndon B Johnson and where his boyhood home is. Langtry This small community is near the Rio Bravo River next to the Mexico border. It was a resting place for people traveling across the desert. Everything in the town including the saloons, stores, “Law of West Pecos” courthouse was ran by famous Judge Roy Bean who were known for his crazy, humorous, and outstanding rulings. This town has a welcoming center and is still in its original shape. Pecos, TX This is the town where the world’s first rodeo was held in 1883.…show more content…
Chapter 5 - Areas To Visit Devils River This river is inside the Dolan Falls Preserve with many smaller waterfalls cascading off rocks in different directions. This remote section of land is great for seasoned paddle boarders and kayakers wanting a real rafting experience. Make sure to bring proper gear and take heed to danger warnings in the area before embarking on a rushing river adventure. Matagorda Island There are only a few ferries that travel here and some of the activities available for adventurers are fishing, picnicking, bird watching, scuba diving near the reefs, and hanging out in the dunes while relaxing in the sand. Seminole Canyon This beautiful canyon opens up with many activities available from bird watching to biking, camping and hiking. This is the site where some archaeological artifacts have been found of extinct species of animals used to roam this area. Also, indigenous people from the past have painted pictures on the rocks inside and outside caves. This place is historic with remains of prehistoric animals. This would be the ideal place to analyze the natural formation of earth. Moody

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