Fort Detroit's Contributions To Push The British Out Of North America

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As the war had started to come to a close the French had lost many Forts, but one major Fort was Fort Detroit and the British had taken over. When all was said in done the British had occupied Fort Detroit and a man named Captain Donald Campbell had occupied the Fort. He was a Scottish man who was able to get along with the French civilians left after Fort Detroit was taken and he was also able to gain the respect and trust of the Native Americas. One man he truly got the respect from was Chief Pontiac, and the two had developed a friendship as time went on. As time went on though, the British had started to change policy and rules of trade. One being that there was not to be trading outside the forts. They wanted to keep trades out of the settlements and in the control of the British within the Forts. This started…show more content…
Captain Campbell felt uneasy about the new rules and laws the British had put into place, knowing that this might upset the Native Americans. As tension grew there was talk of how the French and the Spanish were going to unite to push the British out of North America. This talk had gotten many Indians to prepare for war and to choose sides of the war that might become. Chief Pontiac had felt that he must stay loyal to the French who had shown him generosity and kindness. He felt that the French had better ties to his people and would ultimately be better to his people than the British. The French had soon after told the Native people of the Great Lakes to prepare for war against the British. When Pontiac had gotten the message he immediately started to formulate plans on how they could win the war. One thing that he had come to understand from the French and Indian war was, without the Native
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