Fort Duquense: The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War was about expansion and spilled over to North America from the conflict between the French and British in Europe. The war had many battles throughout North America, but no other battle was as time consuming or difficult as the Battle of Fort Duquense. The Battle of Fort Duquense was based off of strategic placement between the French and British within the Ohio Valley that took part over multiple attempts by the British to retake Fort Duquense. The many battles for Fort Duquense introduced George Washington’s military leadership, who participated in every conflict between the French and British for the fort. The Battles for Fort Duquense would prove to be instrumental in the victory for the British and future expansion west of the colonies. Fort Duquense was built at the point where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers come to form the Ohio river. The location was identified by both the British and French as a strategic location for expansion west of the colonies. When the British built at the location the French decided to build a string of forts near the same location. In 1753, the French determined that the British were a threat and …show more content…

Fort Duquense was a strategic location west of the Colonies for future expansion. When the British built forts in the Ohio Valley, the French would do the same and tensions would begin to build. The British lost Fort Duquense to the French and attempted to retake the fort peacefully, the French rejected the offer. Afterwards, the British sent General Braddock and failed with his force of 2,600 men. Lastly, General Forbes and his 8,000 men eventually captured the fort, keeping it for good. The British battled for Fort Duquense suffering defeats and eventually winning back the fort, however, a hero and future leader would emerge by the name George

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