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The forces under Colonel Magnus located at the rear of Fort Indiantown Gap included several batteries of 155 MM Howitzers. While the batteries were set up the various light infantry unit’s unassed their vehicles and prepared to move onto the fort. Scouting platoons were already probing the fence areas around the fort looking for signs of life. Colonel Magnus didn’t want any surprises and the reports coming in from the scouts were very encouraging. So far they hadn’t sighted anything of concern. However, near the furthest gate the scouts found tire tracks, lots of them, which looked to be recent. There was no way to tell if they were coming or going. They led to the hard stand and the tracks were lost. The scouts reported back to the…show more content…
In the CP the radios were spitting out reports from the forward elements that had entered the main gate area. They had reached main post and found it vacant. There wasn’t a soldier or family member to be seen any place. The fort should have elements of the 28th Infantry Division, which also included 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Colonel Magnus ordered main gate forces to move from main post to the barracks and motor pools. He warned them to be on the lookout for anti-personnel and vehicle mines, because there had been several casualties already. As the combat teams entered the barracks and motor pools and began their search, they heard explosion after explosion at both…show more content…
For the 28th Infantry it was a no brainer; it was a given that the intruders were US Army and had the same training and doctrine. It was a given that their commander would order a search of the motor pools and barracks. Hence they knew to mine the rooms and vehicles. The explosions in one of the buildings that housed the barracks collapsed the entire building, wiping out three-quarters of a Company. The radios at Colonel Magnus’ CP were alive with incoming reports of the explosions and the large loss of life; his soldiers were being killed at an alarming rate. The Colonel ordered everyone to pull back a half mile from their current locations. He was ordering in artillery to take care of the

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