Fort Sumter: The Most Significant Battles During The Civil War

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There were many different battles that took place during the Civil War, each of them being important in their own ways in the outcome of abolishing slavery and settling the differences between the North and South. One of the most significant battles in my opinion was Fort Sumter, also known as the First shot. This battle was significant because, of course, it was the first shot that took place during the Civil War starting the feuding and leading to the rest of the battles between the territories. This battle came about when South Carolina seceded from the Union. Major Robert Anderson and his soldiers were positioned at Fort Moultrie near mouth of the Charleston Harbor.1 Fearing for the safety of his men Anderson moved to Fort Sumter, which was in the middle of the Harbor. This positioning was hard for Anderson and his men due to limited supplies. He reported to President Lincoln that he did not have enough food or supplies to survive. Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard dispatched aids to Anderson to demand the forts surrender, but Anderson refused.2 The next morning…show more content…
This battle was one of the most significant because it had the highest amount of casualties of the battles during the War, and it brought about Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address speech. This speech honored the soldiers killed during the battle and reminded the people of the purpose of the soldier’s sacrifices, which were to be equal, free, and to have national unity. Robert E. Lee led his army of Northern Virginia to collect supplies in Pennsylvania farmland and take the fight away from Virginia. He wanted to threaten Northern cities, weaken their appetite for war to be able to win the battle on Northern Soil to strengthen the peace movement of the North.2 There were great losses to both sides of the army’s, but the Confederate army was most defeated. Lee led his army back to Virginia with their victory despite their mass
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