Fortieth Parallel Project

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When examining the history of American landscapes, we discussed the photography of Bruce Myren, in particular his Fortieth Parallel project. The Fortieth Parallel project is a panoramic view of precise yet arbitrary places located along the parallel line of latitude across the American landscape. This project started in 1998, and since then Myren used specific methodology and instituted aesthetic features to help impact American landscapes all across the country. This important degree of latitude is a significant marker for the settlement out West. The Fortieth Parallel was also surveyed by a well-known photographer Timothy O’Sullivan (Myren, website) during a portion of the 1860s. It is also something that Myren became a little obsessive over enough to later spark the photographic project that lasted over a decade. Photographers such as Myren and the landscapes they document represent different traditions developed at different times in different places for various reasons. Landscape…show more content…
He discussed how throughout the project where he made sure to use particular methods like using an 8x10 camera. While this is an older technology, he still used new technology such as photo-shop and digital scanning. When having a detailed discussion with Myren, he stated that he uses different technologies because, “it renders the world in a way that helps me see it”(Myren, lecture). This quote means he wanted to portray every picture as he personally saw it, to show that beauty is everywhere. These methods also allowed him to alter the photos so that he could emphasis on certain points to illustrate the idea of beauty. This allows him show his professionalism and experience with newer and older technology to produce a satisfying image to his viewer. For instance, he said by using photo-shop he could instill detail that the camera itself would not be able to
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