Fortinbras Hamlet Analysis

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Hamlet is more likely insane because of the action he has done and what he is going to do. He killed Polonius and slipped some crazy words during the play, So I think that Hamlet is not crazy for acting it, But crazy for been insane. Hamlet does like Ophelia. The moment that he sees her brother on the grave he starts attacking and saying that he loves Ophelia.Hamlet himself, in the play by William Shakespeare, seems to be asking himself the same question in his speech about whether it is nobler in the mind "to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" or to get out there, do something about it and exorcize any crazy ill effects of the injustice by wreaking revenge. Even today many therapists recommend that we do not internalize or…show more content…
If there is any true madness, the madness comes from this: Hamlet is caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. His life is dammed and doomed no matter what he does. He eventually quits trying to choose and simply acts according to the cultural example Fortinbras sets before him. All die as a result of Hamlet 's reaction to Fortinbras ' example. This seems to condemn the cultural requirement for revenge even though Fortinbras carries it off with such aplomb and with such honor. Even though cultural requirements--represented in Fortinbras "thus the significant similarities and striking differences between Fortinbras and Hamlet" win out in the end and seem to reign supreme as correct norms of action, there remains an underlying question: While all appearances indicate that revenge killing is the correct path to take, needing no contemplation prior to action, is this really true? Is it really true that revenge killing is right whereas religious beliefs, which give God the power of revenge and humans the duty of mercy, are wrong? If there is true madness in Hamlet. then surely it stems from trying to know and understand the answer to this question. Especially since it is no less than God and King/Father who are pressing against him from two opposing sides; who are creating the rock. the hard place that he is caught
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