Fortune And Misfortune In The Slave Trade

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Fortune and misfortune in the cotton industry. People always believed that the slavery situation was cruel and inhuman thing to do, but it was always linked to economic circumstances; Cotton and Slavery are the keys to the American economy, the industrial revolution and the capitalism in many parts of the world. Some articles confirm that the modern world is born within the factories, ports and cotton farms that belonged eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The majority of Indians craftsmen and European manufacturers and the African slaves extend to be part of the United States economy and the modern capitalism also to make the cotton a king.

Picture the early days of the cotton industry: The Africans, being forced to migrate from their land, the sudden work that falls upon their shoulders, and to deal with the heartache of the separate from their families; beside this they carried Africans into slavery, in order to pick in a cotton field. In the process of building a great economy in America, most people lost the human side of them, or forget that people with dark skin are also human with hearts, not a machine! Ralph Waldo Emerson, express his opinion by saying: “Money often costs too much.”[1] During the seventieth century the money charged the Africans their lives. Owners of farms did not stop by making Negros picking crops, however they crossed the line and started trading them as a material. The public called it by “the slave trade”. The slave trade spread
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