Forty Acres Scholarship Essay

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Every freshman who enters a college campus next fall dreams of one thing: changing the world. Whether it be through ground-breaking research, amazing internships or access to accomplished alumni, every student wants to use their education to create change within their field and the world around them. And the Forty Acres Scholars Program does exactly that. By being a Forty Acres Scholar, I can grow, engage and ultimately change the world. I think the best way to change the world is to change yourself first. I have always been the prepared one, the person that thinks at least ten steps ahead. Rather than taking chances and falling short, I have always played it safe. But I can’t live my whole life scared. In the business world, you have to take risks and put your instincts above your reasoning. You have to be spontaneous and flexible, and many other things I am not good at. You are probably asking why I even picked this field. This field challenges me to step outside of my comfort zone and discover new opportunities. Being too scared to fail is a sentiment shared by many of my peers. Growing up, college admissions…show more content…
I want to change the business world into one where people and social issues are emphasized. Cause marketing is a great tool for social change. It can unite groups of people to achieve one common goal. Using the confidence and skills I learn through this program, I can establish cause marketing campaigns and, in time, positively change the world. Lastly, just like my fellow scholars and alumni were mentors for me, I hope to help someone else. By teaching someone else to let go of their fears and not be afraid to fail, I will make a great difference in their life. Touching somebody’s life and helping them be better is one of the best ways to change the world. The UT Forty Acres Scholars Program can help me better myself, the business world and those around
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