Fosh Welcoming Reflection Paper Example

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The annual Frosh Welcoming activity of the Council of Student Organizations (CSO) has been a vital role in the university experience of the incoming first year students of De La Salle University. This is an avenue for the first year students to experience first hand the things that are in store for them as they begin their lives in the said institution. It gives them a brief taste of all the possibilities that they can grab and utilize in molding their growth as a Lasallian individual. During the Frosh Walk segment of the Frosh Welcoming, different organizations have the opportunity to greet the incoming Lasallians and give them different freebies in order to encourage them to join the participating organizations. With only a short moment to entice the incoming frosh students of what’s in store in CES, it is crucial to make a good first impression. I believe that I deserve to be part of the Civil Engineering Society (CES) booth on the said segment because I can offer several things that can help CES from the preparation to the execution of plans in the Frosh Welcoming. There are a lot of preparations to be done for the Frosh Welcoming. A video presentation, room-to-room assignments, and booth set-up are some of the things that are vital to the success of the Frosh Welcoming. With CES celebrating its 30th year, this year’s Frosh Welcoming needs to be its best one yet. It cannot be the best one if the previous Frosh Welcoming designs and traditions are recycled by CES. It
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