Fossil Fuels In The Environment

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1.1 Background
Since the industrial revolution took place at the 18th century, the usage of fossil fuel has become the integral part human race. It has been used to power the economy and deliver unprecedented affluence into the lives of many people. The fossil fuel is an organic matter from decomposed flora and fauna is processed by pressure and heat from the earth’s core. Fossil fuel has been widely used in applications such as power plant, motorcars, ships, airplanes, and etc. However, the burning of fossil fuel produces greenhouse gasses primarily carbon dioxide that has an advent effect on the environment in recent decade. The excess of the greenhouse gasses in the environment has led to global warming which in turn, has become a common discussion during global forums. According to report “Inventory of U.S Green House Gas Emission and Sinks 1990-2011” from US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), transportation released 28% of the total gasses emitted in US out of total of 6,702 metric tons of CO2 released in 2011. The subsection consists of motorcar, motorcycle, trucks, airplane and etc. Figure 1.1: Total U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Economic Sector in 2011 (EPA, 2013)

It is the second highest among the entire sector that includes electricity, agriculture, industry, and residential. The report suggests that highway vehicle produces about 1.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gasses into each year mostly in the form of carbon dioxide. Each gallon of fuel
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