Essay On Foster Care

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Foster care is full-time substitute care of children outside of their home by people other than their biological, adoptive, or legal guardians. Children are removed from their own homes and placed in foster care in a variety of reasons. Foster homes fulfill an essential social need by providing for the physical health, emotional well-being, and daily care of children who, for various reasons, have been separated from their parents. This is what foster care is supposed to be about helping children in need. In this day in age in you ask someone about foster they only see what on tv. Foster care on tv is portraited as horrible people only wanting money, human punching bag or worst but no one shows the good that comes out of being a foster child…show more content…
We had a total of 18 children placed with us during that time – ranging in age from one day old to 16 years old. There were 3 sets of twins among them – two sets of premature newborn twins with many medical concerns and issues and a physically abused 9-week-old infant. I had always wanted to try foster parenting, but knew I’d have to have the right partner to do a good job. My maternal grandfather said often when I was a child that if he had enough money he would build a big house and take in all children that needed homes and hire a nurse and teacher to live with them. I never forgot that. My husband who has no children of his own, turned out to be the perfect foster Dad! His grandmother had taken in foster children years ago. While we felt we were prepared to be foster parents, thanks to a GREAT social worker, who spent lots of time with us, sharing with us all the possible difficulties and stresses, we were concerned about our abilities to handle any medical concerns. As it turned out, we had many children with serious medical concerns – but we also had amazing medical teams who were supportive and encouraging and educated us in care of these special children. And locally, there were support agencies who sent
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