Under Foster Care Ethics Paper

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Ethics plays an integral role in promoting the well being of individuals in the society. Early scholars, though with different perceptions of the idea, emphasized the need for an ethical based community or society. Each community has various ethical guidelines, which its members are supported to follow. The same actually applies for organizations, whether public or privately owned. This demonstrates that the idea of ethics is homogeneous and that provides the optimum level where behavior, whether individual or institutional, can be regarded as right and not in violation of societal norms or organizational expectations. The case in question concern a couple that suffers victim to the negative effects of drug abuse and later loses the right to take care of their infant daughter. Social services intervene and she is placed under foster care. The child grows knowing that her foster parents are her real biological parents. However, her real parents get sober and start seeking custody of their now nine-year-old daughter. The court grants them the right to…show more content…
An understanding of the ethics of care is needed in order to provide support for why they should have been allowed to continue caring for the child. According to Lachman (2012) ethics of care emphasizes on individuals as selves who are independent compared to a situation where the selves are interconnected and thus interdependent. Thus, the idea is that care ethics does not focus on the interconnectedness but rather on the selves as independent entities. In this regard, care based ethics emphasizes on the responsibility that one has towards another individual (Lachman, 2012). Thus, based on what has been mentioned, the foster parents should have retained custody of the child. They demonstrated care not based on obligation as is required for biological parents, but because there was a sense of
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