Foster Care Issues

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The articles main focus is to examine older youth within the foster care system and their reaction to psychological instability. The different stages of growth throughout the child/children life and what might have been the trigger to offset a change. A lot of mental disabilities are cause from a combination of dramatic factors (sexual assault, abandonment as a child, neglect) drugs, and/or alcohol. The method in which was used to gather data was Diagnostic interview Schedule for DSM-IV. DSM-IV: Codes that are identified as psychosocial stressors and Environmental Problems. Those who conducted the interview were individuals who obtain a Bachelor’s degree in social science. In this interview various factors where identify gender, race, and…show more content…
What I am looking for is to see whether or not the methods that are in place currently are either helping or harming youth throughout the foster care system to where they cannot have a successful adulthood. It is also shown in this article that life traumas and psycho-social stressors tend to trigger long term mental instability. In the ranking this article usefulness toward my topic is a 1. The key terms of abuse, neglect, psycho-social, are important when talking about foster care. In representation of articles like this for foster care has made individuals aware of their adaption to society’s practices of “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule. That has changed the laws that are in place to result in harsher punishment if one was to harm, abused, and/or neglect a child/children. Law in everyday life of this topic enhancing the awareness of foster care in every level of the child/children lives from home, school, church, medical, law,
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