Foster Care: My Most Important Experiences In My Life

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One of the biggest experiences I have gone through in my life is my sisters and I being foster care our whole lives. Our first time being in foster care was when I our mom left us over our grandpa’s house while handling business. While being over my grandpa house we played games, laughed, talked and baked cakes. The neighbors and he all of a suddenly our grandpa got into a big fight and the neighbors called the police out and made up lies on my grandpa saying that he was being loud and invading their privacy and miss treating us. The polices was very mean we watched them beat our granddad we stood there crying and begging the police to don’t take him away. The polices took us to the police station and tried to get in contact with our mom but there was no way, so they took us to the department of family and children and said if no one shows up to get us put us in a shelter. We cried and cried because they told us they we were getting split up and would probably never see each other again and our mom. We got spilt up and I was at this weird white lady house I kept crying and crying because I didn’t understand what was going on or why were I at the lady house. A week later, the DCF People finally got in touch with some of our great grandmother and ask did she want to get us because we had been…show more content…
She did and said a lot of things to hurt our feelings and didn’t really have nobody so my sister before me and I always looked up to our oldest sister and tell her aunt had gotten meaner and meaner she would beat us every time she get mad at her husband almost 5 five years into staying her she finally let us see our mom and stay the weekends at my mom’s sister house where my mom
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