Foster Care Persuasive Essay

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Have you ever thought about how it feels to be ripped out of the only place that you know as home? To get no explanation of why your parents just did not want you anymore? Not a lot of people think about this. Usually, the only people that do think about this is children that are experiencing or have experienced this problem. The children’s rights website stated that, “On any given day, there are nearly 428,000 children in foster care in the United States.”() All of those children have to be reminded daily that the foster care system has a lot of problems in it. Most of these children are put in some of the most unbearable situations. The foster system has numerous problems that I think can and should be solved. This includes: children not having an education, foster parents and children not having a connection, children facing both sexual and physical abuse, financial problems, and children aging out of the system. There are many more problems with the foster care system but I think that these are the main problems that should be addressed and solved. Many children that go into the system usually do not have an education by the time that they were supposed to graduate. A lot of the children drop out. This is because many of them get into trouble, drugs and many of the girls get pregnant at a very young age. H. Robed Ayasse (1995) mentioned in his article that “These problems and the transience of their home like in the foster care system can have a powerful

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