Adopted Children In Tess Of The D Urbervilles

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When mothers choose to be absent from their children’s lives, either their daughter or sister will take responsibility and act as a foster mother to the children. After John Durbeyfield discovers that he is related to the prestigious D’Urbervilles, he goes out to Rolliver’s, the local tavern, to celebrate. When Mrs. Durbeyfield “discovered [her husband] at Rolliver’s… she dismiss[ed] all thought and care of her children”(TD 14). When Tess realizes that both of her parents are out drinking, she believes that she must take responsibility for her younger siblings. Tess “lent her deputy-maternal attitude when she was alone with her juniors”(TD 15). She sends her brother, Abraham, to go find her parents. She says, “‘go up to Rolliver’s, and see what has gone with father and mother’” (TD 15). When…show more content…
The authors make their adopted children characters be useful to the family. This allows the authors to show the different roles adopted girls and adopted boys have. In most cases, adopted boys will be forced to work out in the field, and will be deprived of an education. In contrast, adopted girls will be asked to be of some use to the lady of the house, and they will be given an education. The authors also decide how much they want their adopted children characters to influence the dynamics of the household. On one extreme, the authors can have the child improve the household for the better. On the other extreme, the can have the adopted child causes unnecessary tension in the household. This demonstrates the varying impact adopted children have on an established household. The good and bad decisions the authors have their adopted children characters make reveal the influence an adopted child has over their siblings. Through the characters the five authors have created, the authors are able to show the many roles adopted and foster children have in established

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