Foucault's Disciplinary Civilization

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Juan Miguel Manzanillo 112499 PH104-B September 11, 2014 The extent to which our so called, "Disciplinary Civilization" remains invested in speculation and conjecture as opposed to classical civilization's traditional commitments to induction, is demonstrated by Michel Foucault's critical interrogations of: (A) Pedagogical Systems which strictly demand that in exchange for implantations within its student bodies and aptitudes that conduce to proliferative (production) that they exhibit a generalized docility and obedience. (B) Penal Apparatus (C) "The Siyensya Sexualis" (i.e. Pseudo-scientific narrative/discourses concerning sexual identity formation) The foregoing in his view, establish historically verifiable social grid "productive…show more content…
(B) Penal Apparatus One of the clearest images Foucault gives on Disciplinarity resembles the penal apparatus or the prison system. Because from the prison propagated the new institutions of disciplinarity. The example that Foucault looks at regarding the penal system is Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon prison- basically the design of this prison is a circular prison with a tower in the center of that prison yard. The individual cells of the prisoners will have two windows one allowing light in from outside the wall of the prison and one facing the tower. The purpose of this is so the inmate is visible to the tower since the tower will be covered wide windows that make visible the whole view of the prison where there will be a guard to perform surveillance on the inmate but the inmate cannot see the guard. Visibility is used against the prisoners because darkness can protect them from acts they are…show more content…
The term homosexual coined in the 19th century was defined not by what the individual did but rather centered on who he was unlike the criminal who is defined by what he did not who he was which is I guess a funny thing for our society today given that if you have a name to yourself you can pretty much get away with doing anything. The punishment at the time was being burned at the stake for being a homosexual; which was basically justified by the need to establish order. It was being done in order to scare people to stay in their place. Which remains into the society we have today, just looking at how when boys tease other boys in saying that they throw like a girl instead of saying they throw weak. There are established gender roles and societal norms that led to studied and practical movements of any individual. The way in which the system “scared” people to stay in their place was an attempt at partitioning. Social partitioning relating to the discussion in Discipline and Punishment was a separation from dangerousness. The figure of the homosexuals are seen as the German shepherds of society. In saying this basically is to assure there are no strays, again this refers to keeping them in line. Looking at a German shepherd it is used to control the flock not an individual sheep in the same time the figure of a homosexual is used as an example to keep all

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