Foucault's Objectification Of Subject

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Foucault was a French philosopher, social theorist and social critic. He defines relationship between power and knowledge and its use as a form of social control [Ritzer, George, 2005] . He define Subject as one who can take actions according to his will and Object as one whose actions are controlled by other subject. In his theory on Objectification of Subject, he defines three modes of objectification of subject. 1. Dividing Practices: In this, Foucault uses historical deconstructions to identify the areas in which dividing practices have its roots and explains how people are . He gives examples like: isolation of leapers, confinement of poor, insane and vagabonds confinement in 'Hopital General ' in Paris, etc. After analyzing these practices, Foucault proposed that "The subject is objectified by a process either within himself or from others" [Objectivation, N.D] . He explained that, dividing practices not only have personal impact, but also effect social identity of the subject. In this, people who exhibit different behavior are subjected to different means of objectification, by physically separating f rom the society. These practices are justified using meditation of science [Rabinow, 1984, Page: 8] . 2. Scientific Classification: This is practice that "arises from the modes of inquiry which try to give themselves the status of sciences."(Foucault, 1982). Example: In study of wealth and economics, the laborer is treated as a subject [Rabinow,
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