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According to the text, Foucus on Health by Dale Hahn , there are multipples risk factors can be devolping cardiovascular disesase. First would be tabacco smoking, which is a risk factors with sudden cardiac death. Smokers have four times higher chance fromdying from sudden cardiac arrest as nonsomkers do. Then there is physical inactivity as a risk factor to cardiovascular diseases. Having consistent aerobatic exerices helps strengthen heart muslces, matining blood flow and improving the vascular system transfer blood and oxygen to different parts of the body. While physical activity also helps incres HDL chalostral levels. Because there are so benifiests to physical activy not being active leads to pooor colostral levels and weak heart muslces …show more content…

First there is the lymphatic cancer which is difficult to say how people contract this dieseas but the text provides a few risk factors such as a reduction of immuine system, exposure to toxic enviorment and viral infections. A way to prevent this devolping cancer is to absoultly avoid or imit exposure to toxic chemicals, sexual transmitted viruis. It is adviced to conduct screeings so often as a procotion because early decation can generate possible survival. Then there is Uterine cacer which can devople with early menstration, late menopause, infertility, history of polycystic ovary system and so on. The way to prevent this developing cancer is to have regular gynecological care, involing pelvic exams, while pregnancies and oral controceptives can also help prevent this cancer. Finally there is testicular cancer can devolpe from having mumps during childhood, and dificty during pregnancy. The way to prevent this cancer are very limiting which is also highly recommended to conduct screenings and any abnormalities should be consulted with a …show more content…

Keep any personal iteams that you may have touched or used to your self or despose of it. When coughing make sure that you do not cough in your hands, you never know when you need to shake someones hand, instead use your elbow to cover your cough. Reserching controseptive, communications with your doctor and practing safe sex is also important to preventing infections. Lastly avoid “pushing through it”, this mind set will only leave you partically recovered and effect others. Calling off work, rescedualing meetings or skipping class is prudent to your health and other around

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