Founders Day Convocation

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One of the greatest cultural events to attend at Claflin University is the 147th Founders Day Convocation. The convocation is a tradition that Claflin celebrates every year by praising and reflection on the day Claflin opened her doors. Claflin’s history and memories are reflected upon and celebrated throughout the entire program. Also, different programs and extracurricular activities that are available at the university such as the Concert Choir and Wind Ensemble show case their impeccable talent with beautiful voices. From going to this program, I realized why I wanted to Claflin University because there is a plethora of talent and culture that engulfs the University. Lastly, the alumni, board, authority figures and students are all invited to attend to celebrate the years and history Claflin has built and continues to build with the students that keep attending the University. From attending the 147th Founders Day Convocation, people described it as boring and mundane to attend. However, as the program progressed, it is obvious that the program is far from being mundane. The first part of the…show more content…
The rich heritage and constant accomplishments have made Claflin a prestigious institution. The Founders Day Convocation showed everyone why Claflin continues to thrive and have an amazing reputation because there is a foundation that has held it all together since 1869. From attending this program, I understood why Claflin has such a high reputation because Claflin is represented by supportive alumni and a thriving student body. Also, the program displayed the talents of the students that attend Claflin and it encouraged me to start back playing violin from hearing their melodies. Consequently, the 147th Founders Day Convocation was an astounding success and I look forward to attending the 148th Founders Day
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